Our origins


The NBC Medical projeto was conceived in 2008 by a founding team with a wealth of experience and uparalleled professionalism, togetter with a tremendous determination to win.

From the very beginning, NBC Medical dedicated itself to international trade of medicines, which involves a highly successful winning relationship, established with suppliers - the majority of which are national, and with clients, based in a vast array of countries and over several continents.

This year the company also benefited from a well-performing strategic partnership with a logistics and distribution company, which involved setting up an extremely effective, well-rounded team, which allowed NBC Medical to achieve a significant turnover from the very beginning in its first year of activity.


The year of 2009 consolidated the company's performance, with management priorities focues on the strengthening of the organisational structures, namely through investment in new facilities, new information systems, on the development and strengthening of the team and on the launch of a small human structure in Angola.

This reinforced sustainability allowed the company to consider news projects base on a reinforced development platform.


The third year of activity of NBC Medical was characterised by similar development drivers realtive to the previous year.

The consolidation of activity and the conclusion of several organisational projects resulted in the strengthning of the company's attributes and its preparation for new challenges under development, whose implementation began in the forthcoming year.

NBC Medical based its development in simultaneous strategy of differentiation and cost optimisation, having in the third consecutive year managed to honour its commitment in terms of growth and permanent improvement of the quality of its offer.

The differentiation of NBC Medical has involved, since its origins, a commitment to quality and to the efficacy of its service. This path results in the permanent reinforcement of its image, and is mainly based on the reliability of its products, on operational efficiency, on the technical robustness of its service and on the offer of services enhanced by the provision of advice and technical guidelines to the clients it serves.

Cost optimisation brought about an increase in turnover and the resulting leveraging of the structure created. The increase in turnover has been a continuous strategic objective of the company, when it does not call into question the preservation of the conditions that allow it to offer a quality, differentiated service.

In addition to the defined strategic vectors, NBC also set itself several organisational challenges in 2010. Among these, the integration of the logistics activity - centralising the office and warehouse in the same building. To enhance, the continuation of the development of the information systems and the reinforcement of the team in the areas of greatest organisational need are noteworthy.

in 2010, INFARMED granted NBC Medical an operating license for the warehouse acquired in the previous year, enabling the integration of logistics activities in their operations.

This integration brought clear benefits in terms of organisational coordination, improved efficiency in the processing of orders and quicker response times to market demand.


The year of 2011 brought about the definitive consolidation of the Angolan market as the market of choice for NBC Medical's operations.

With an administrative, technical and commercial team, the company embarked on the construction - from January to December of this year - of a warehouse in the outskirts of Luanda, which has made possible the activity of the NBC Medical in Angola, in offering a more sustained service and geares to the needs of that market.

This investment resulted from a well defined and implemented strategic partnership, which considered mutual benefit objectives, with the aim of developing the Angolan medicine distribution market and providing improved technical and commercial support to institutional clients.

Alongside this strategic step, critical to the continuation of a sustained development of operations, NBC Medical rewarded all those that benefit from its activity, with an almost 75% increase in turnover, having increased from 11 million euros in exports to more than 19 million euros.

NBC Medical is committed to making a difference, in developing those markets in which it has operations, anticipating needs, seeking to improve living conditions and reinforcing partnerships that will cover new activities and geographic regions, bringing

Message from the management

We transform barriers into opportunities.